Mark Holdings LLC (the "Company") invests opportunistically in real estate equity and debt assets. Properties and/or underlying collateral typically include retail, office, industrial, and multi-family. Mark Holdings is currently seeking investments that are greater than $10 million and primarily located in the eastern United States. Nevertheless, the Company will pursue opportunities nationally if sufficiently large in size.

While each asset has its own unique set of characteristics and circumstances that make them opportunistic, the general types of transactions Mark Holdings seeks are as follows:

Distressed Debt
Mark Holdings seeks to purchase sub-performing and non-performing debt at a discount to the underlying asset value. The Company's goal is to either own the fee to the collateral or be in a position to negotiate a profitable pay off with the borrower, thereby providing an appropriate risk-adjusted return under either outcome. The principals of Mark Holdings have extensive experience in foreclosure and bankruptcy litigation in addition to their hands-on real estate experience.
Repositioning and Value-Added
Mark Holdings also seeks properties that suffer from improper capitalization and/or mismanagement. Typically, such properties are characterized by physical deterioration, above-average operating costs, and poor perception by the brokerage and tenant community. The Company has the experience to increase asset value through the implementation of prudent capital improvements, strategic leasing strategies and aggressive expense oversight.
Environmental Concerns
Mark Holdings seeks environmentally contaminated assets as well. Many purchasers bypass properties with environmental issues because of the inherent risks and complexities involved with assessing and remediating such conditions. Mark Holdings has the hands-on experience and knowledge to assess and quantify the potential risks associated with a site's environmental conditions and to coordinate and manage the remediation process to successful completion.